Reading Area  "EARTH DAY" 2011

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Poster Contest
Dear Berks County School District Superintendant/Art Director,

The Reading Area Earth Day Coalition is inviting entries for the 2011 Earth Day

Poster Contest. If your school would like to showcase student art in this exciting

event, we will accept one entry per grade level (K-4) from each participating

elementary school.

Poster guidelines:

1. All entries must be original art work (any medium) on 11x17 paper.

2. Content must reflect an Earth Day/Environmental/Sustainability theme.

3. Each submission must have an entry form affixed to the back of the poster

4. Entries must be received by April 15, 2011


1. Collect your entries. Details of how you run your individual school contest

are at your discretion.

2. Complete preliminary judging within your school.

3. Mail your packet of one entry per grade level K-4 to:

Reading Area Earth Day Coalition

PO Box 187, Reading, Pa 19603

4. Or, in keeping with our purpose, save paper and postage by contacting a

Coalition representative to pick up your school’s packet!

A designated committee will select overall winners for first place, second place,

third place, fourth place and honorable mentions. Entries will be judged on

creativity, originality, and expression of the Earth Day theme. Winners will be

proudly displayed in a special area at the Reading Earth Day 2011 event

Sunday, May 1, 2011 (see flyer for details), and prizes will be awarded.

March 1, 2011

Warmest Regards,

Tara B. Kochard


on behalf of the RAEDC