Reading Area  "EARTH DAY" 2011
Workshop Schedule:   
From the Flush to Your Food Source: The Truth Behind Biosolids. Hosted by Darree Sicker of United Sludge Free  

12-1pm Hydraulic Fracturing 101: Learn more about the effects of natural gas drilling and what you can do to help!Clean Water Action  Hosted by Cathy Frankenberg

1-2pm Introduction to Solar Electricity: A brief look at how it works - components, financing and incentives. Hosted by Bill Hennessey of the Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy Association (MAREA) 

2-3pm How To Be a Good Neighbor Program: Basic courtesy and simple solutions for every day living - review, goals and important developments.
Hosted by Heather Hanna  

3-4pm Solar Passive Teepee Lodge Principles:  Learn more about the solar passive principles in a teepee survival habitat. Watch a short video (recorded within the Appalachian Mountain Range of Berks County, PA) with Q & A session to follow.   Hosted by John Noska 

4-5pm An Introduction to Permaculture and Urban Composting Hosted by Alexis Campbell of  

5-6pm Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping Hosted by Adam Muir Hails of MuirView Landscape and Design      

PLUS:   Nurture Your Nature sessions hosted by Mark Seaman of Earth Rhythms throughout the day!