Reading Area  "EARTH DAY" 2011
Without essence Earth becomes rock. Without spirit body falls limp. Without the vibrating quantum field, mass disassembles to photons. To celebrate Earth is to celebrate the connected Essence man shares with his planet. This is not a concept of spirituality. It's a concept of interconnectedness. Of shared responsibility. To bring awareness, that in spite of our diversity, we can still come together and pay homage to our common ground.

Manifest Love among our circle and send it outward. Realize that there is no time, nor room for ideological bigotry. All ideas and beliefs are born out of man's shared condition. Our shared confusion and longing for purpose. Reserve judgment only for that which causes physical harm. See others ideologies, concepts, theories and beliefs not as threatening, but as poetic expressions of the soul. There is no need to draw a line in the sand around ourselves, or to break apart into camps of secular and non secular. These are the pillars of division set forth by the very power structures who choose to divide up this Earth and it's people.

Let's stand together united with our common ground existing in the sand, soil and grass beneath our feet and vastness of the atmosphere above our heads. Let us be sensitive to others at the same time while focusing on commonality and collective responsibility to restore balance as we prepare for the coming times ahead.
~Adam Muir Hails

These words are so well chosen.


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